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With the Afghan Presidential elections forthcoming, as many as 18 Afghan presidential hopefuls have registered their candidacies. In October 2018, we witnessed the fourth round of Parliamentary elections with pervasive rigging and mismanagement. This year we are about to take part in a fourth term of Presidential elections, which are to be held this July following a three-month postponement against prior schedule.

By Intizar Khadim

On Apr 05, 2015 - 11:34

By Mushtaq Rahim

Anis Gul, a woman participant, said there is need to increase the number of polling stations and hands security over to police chiefMatiullah Khan in Uruzgan—as he is the most competent official who can secure the elections in Uruzgan.


By Halim Fidai, former Governor of Wardak Province
It is ample clear the 2014 election is fair, transparent and independent beyond expectations than all previous Afghan presidential polls. The real winner is the Afghan nation who participated in the democratic exercise in large number amid growing insecurity, looming threats and fraud allegations. As a result, Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai made a clear victory over his rival Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

Kabul, Jun 20: Even as Afghanistan prepares to witness the first ever democratic transfer of power following the second round of the presidential elections held on June 14 last, the story that is being scripted by one of the contenders has already cast doubts on the future of this much touted transition. Not withstanding the growing controversy on alleged fraud and rigging of the elections, the fact that Dr.

By Majid Qarar
Elections are simply won through votes and obviously none but Rashid Dustom has the votes that may enable Ghani to emerge the victor in Saturday’s runoff election.

By Mohammad Akram Andishmand
Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has ten weak points that his rival Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in Saturday’s runoff election doesn’t have.

  1. Illness:

Dr. Ashraf Ghani has confirmed he regularly takes medicine for stomach problem. But Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has no health problem.


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