27- Haji Rafiullah Gul-Afghan
Elected Senator,  
Son of Abdul Aziz Akhunzada, Haji Rafiullah Gul-Afghan was born in 1973 in Kariz village, Qarabagh district of Kabul province. He served as head of a construction company in the armed forces.
He was member of Islamic party during Russian occupation but currently, has no political affiliation. Currently, Gul-Afghan is the second deputy of Misharano Jirga.
Contact: 0777863281- 0705131377
28- Khaliq Dad Balaghi:
Elected Senator,
Son of Zawar Shah, Khaliq Dad Balaghi was born in 1967 in Jaghori district of Ghazni province. He received religious education. Balaghi was member of media including of Rah-e-Fardah, teacher, politics and social activists. He also served as prayers’ leader in a mosque.
Contact: 0797239970
75- Engineer Ihsanullah Bayyat:
Selected Senator,
Son of Khan Aqa, Ihsanullah Bayyat was born in 1963 in six district of Kabul. He received his diploma from Kabul Engineering faculty in 1986. He has his own business inside and outside the country.
Email: e.bayat@tsiglobe.com
Contact: 0700899899
79- Nisar Ahmad Haris:
Selected Senator:
Son of Muhammad Yaqub, Nisar Ahmad Haris was born in 1952 in first Macroryan of Kabul city. He received his BA degree in literature in 1977. Haris served as reporter with VOA Radio.
Contacts: 0700224845-0796500200
Email: n.haress@gmail.com
81- Dr Anar Kali Hunaryar:
Selected Senator,
Daughter of Kashan Singh, Dr Anar Kali Hunaryar was born in 1974 in Kabul province. Originally, she hails from Hinduan of Khost city. She studied till 15 grades in dental medicine in 1995.
Anarkali served as teacher, vaccinator, member of constitutional Loya Jirga, member of Afghanistan and Pakistan Peace Jirga, member of peace national consulting Jirga, member of human rights independent commission, human and women’s activists, head of Sikh women council and member of civil society.
Contacts: 0799700686-0799749496
Email: honaryar786@yahoo.com
85- Professor Hazrat Sibghatullah Mujadidi:
Selected Senator,
Son of Hazrat Mya Muhammad Masoom Mujadidi, Professor Hazrat Sibghatullah Mujadidi was born in 1926 in Kabul. Mujaddi received his master degree in law and Islamic jurisprudence and his honor degree in Al-Azhar University of Cairo; he served as a teacher in Kabul University and higher education of Kabul Darul Uloom Arabic teacher training.
Contact: 0799131550
94- Sohaila Sharifi:
Selected Senator,
Daughter of Muhammad Hasan Sharifi, Sohaila Sharifi was born in 1969 in Kabul. Sharifi received his BA degree in geology faculty of Kabul University. She was member of Afghan Immigrant Women Association in Iran as well as member of writing panel of Payam-e-Istiqlal weekly and also served as head of charity committee of Fatima Al-Zahra.
Contact number: 0799053004
96- Bini Haji Nafisa Sultani:
Selected Senator,  
Daughter of Taj Muhammad Khan, Bibi Haji Nafisa was born in 1968 in Shakardara district of Kabul. Sultani served as technicians in malaria department and member of National Union of Women with Disabilities and Defective. 
Contacts: 0799318375-0788320522