1-      Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN):  
Known as one of the vibrant and fast-emerging wire services, Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN) is considered Afghanistan’s largest independent news agency. With its headquarters situated in Kabul, PAN has eight regional bureaus and a nationwide network of professional and committed reporters and correspondents. A trilingual news agency, PAN delivers news, features and a range of political news in Pashto, Dari and English. Simultaneously, PAN offers photos, videos and audio serve to local and international wire agencies, newspapers, radios and television channels. PAN’s mission is to help build a diverse Afghan media to inform, educate and entertain Afghan citizens and help ensure transparency, good governance and accountability. The wire service strives to help pave way for Afghans to participate in nation building and keep human rights in high esteem. Subscribers can access the latest news through Pajhwok Afghan News website.
Contact: 0202201814-0799477492
Email: news@pajhwok.com
 Website: www.pajhwok.com    
2- Wakht News Agency:
Known as one of the vibrant media outlets in Kabul, Wakht News Agency was established in 2009 by Rahimullah Samandar. It is accessible online. It is financially backed with the help by selling its pictures and news services. The news agency has 20 employees.
Contacts: 0708198384
Email: wakhtnews@gmail.com
Website: http://wakht.af
3- Bast News Agency:
Bast News Agency was established in 2011 with the help of Masir Social Foundation. Its headquarters is situated in Kabul. It is accessible online and offering services in three languages. It is financially backed by the social foundation of Masir. Bast News Agency has 50 employees.
Contacts: 0752050500
Email: info@bostnews.com
Website: www.bostnews.com
4- Bakhter News Agency:
Bakhter News Agency is also considered a vibrant wire service in Kabul. Bakther News Agency was established in 1939 by the government. It is accessible online. It has 307 employees with 50 to 60 employees in various provinces.
Contacts: 0202101304 and 0700202232
Email: info@bakhtarnews.com.af
Website: www.bakhtarnews.com.af
5- Suboot News Agency:
Known as a vibrant wire service, Suboot News Agency was established by Jaweda Ahmadi and Samiullah Ahmadi in 2009. It was financially backed by the US cultural unite. It has 30 employees with eight of them are female staff.
Contacts: 0700206625
Email: jawida.ahmadi@suboot.ogr.af
Website: http://suboot.org.af
6- Afghan Voice Agency (AVA):
Afghan Voice Agency (AVA) is considered the first media outlet established as NGOs right after the collapse of Taliban regime and the establishment of the new Afghan government.
With a long history, it was established back in 1992 for the first time but after reestablishment on modern line by Sayyed Isa Hussaini Mazari on March 18, 2002, it has gained more momentum in terms of news service. It is accessible online. It is financially supported with the help of selling its news and photo services. Currently, it has 100 employees.
Contacts: 0700275828 and 0799343787
Email: info@avapress.com
Website: www.avapress.com
7- Hindukush News Agency:
Known as one of the emerging media outlet in Kabul, Hindukush News Agency was established by Taraqi and Rastagari foundation in 2004. It is accessible online. It was financially backed by publishing and subscribers fund. It has 15 employees.
Contacts: 0794474821
Email: cheragh_daily@yahoo.com
8- Bukhdi News Agency:
Bukhdi News Agency was established by Muhammad Zarin and Salim Wahdat. It is financially supported through publishing and subscription fund. Currently, it has 15 employees.
Contacts: 0795158815
Email: info@bokhdinews.af
Website: http://www.bokhdinews.af
8- Roz News Agency:
Roz News Agency is known as one of the inactive media outlet in Kabul, which was established by Safia Milad. Currently, it does not have any publications.
Contacts: 0700225376
Email: safiamilad@roznews.com
Website: http://roznews.com
9- Awaz News Agency:
It is known as an independent, free and non-profit media outlet. Awaz News Agency offers research based news and comprehensive reports through audio and video channels. It focuses more on reports regarding sensitive and current issues pertaining to Afghanistan.
Contacts: 0799418622
Email: awcawn@gmail.com
Website: www.awaz-news.com.af
10- Khaama Press- Online Afghanistan Newspaper:
Khama Press is regarded as one of the growing media outlet in Kabul. It was established by Khushnood Nabizada in 2010. Khama Press is accessible online and is financially backed through its publication and subscribers funds. It has 20 employees.
Contacts: 0798242455
Email: khushnood@khaama.com
Website: www.khaama.com