Pajhwok Afghan News welcomes and encourages local journalists and common people to share their views, concerns and reports about the elections.
We hope you will convey this to your friends and relatives to encourage them to give us their valuable viewpoints.
You can report attempts of election rigging, fraud and violation of the relevant law to Pajhwok in seven different ways:

  1. Via SMS containing district names to these phone numbers 0775512512; 0790512512 and 0705512512
  2. Through free SMS from your mobile handset to 729 by writing 512, space, location and short massage. Via MTN, AWCC and Etisalat, you can send us free SMS.
  3. You can also call us using any network on 0202201814, 0202201813 and 0705512512.
  4. E-mail
  5. Tweet us :
    You can tweet us (twitter@afghansvote) and (twitter@pajhwok), using hashtag #afghansvote, as well as #district name.
  6. Pajhwok has created Facebook page (afghansvote). Like it and give us comment on election activities in your area.
  7. You can fill out a form on and share your views with your report