ASAD ABAD (PAN): Multiple reconstruction projects have been implemented in the volatile Kunar province during the last decade but the standard of its quality is too poor, officials and residents said.         
Governor Kunar Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi said around $500 million has been spent on the rehabilitation projects elsewhere in the province during the last nine years.
He said financial assistance for reconstruction is extended by the USAID and other donors.
He noted Kunar is though a mountainous region, where a number of roads and bridges have been constructed.      
Wahidi said earlier the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and the USAID had inked a contract of their own without the involvement of concerned government departments, adding that that move left far-reaching negative impact on the quality of projects.
He said his administration countered the move of contract signed in a clandestine way, adding that from now onward, bidding process and agreements would be carried out in a transparent way.  
He said quality of reconstruction projects have now considerably improved.  
The PRT has inked an agreement with the construction companies to build roads but those companies could not complete the assigned task, leaving the work halfway and subsequently fled the country, he informed.      
He went on to say construction of road passing through Asmar and Ghazi Abad districts and paving of Noor Gul- Mazar valley roads were included in the project that has now left incomplete.
He said two buildings of schools are also could not be completed while agreements were inked for construction of Mangtol cricket ground in Asad Abad and the up gradation of Asad Abad power station. The companies could not kick off the construction work on the direly needed projects.
Despite all these challenges, around 275 kilometers roads have been paved in parts of Kunar. In all the districts headquarters, buildings for police have been built, he added.
Nine protective walls around the Kunar Rivers are built, he said, adding that construction works on the buildings are completed for a number of schools and health care centers.
He said multiple projects were implemented under the National Solidarity Programme (NSP) and the process is marching ahead with tandem.
Still, he said there is no challenge to threaten halting of the development projects, lauding the role of locals by saying that most of the projects were completed following support extended by the residents.
People of the area have been demanding the construction of Sra Tak power dam but their demand is yet to be considered.
The governor said the thick forests of the province are damaged because of the incessant wars during the last three decades. Trees are being chopped illegally but its cutting has been controlled during the last one decade, he added.
Common people are happy following construction of health clinics and the asphalting of roads helped minimize problems of the masses and.
Safiullah, a resident of Asad Abad said several development projects are executed in Kunar with special reference construction of roads, which helped reduced distance.
He said his villagers face no problems after the construction of roads to bring their patients to hospitals.
Abdul Qadir, a resident of Nawabad said map of his district has been changed during the last decade following completion of development projects.
Naeemullah Jan, a resident of Asad Abad said the government has started protecting the projects, which are completed during the last decade.   
Hailing from Shega district, Attiqullah told Pajhwok Afghan News that the PRT had executed a lot of development projects that were ruined due to the government’s negligence.   
He said had the money spent in a transparent way on the projects then none of the project would have been incomplete.
Mian Hassan Adil, head of Kunar provincial council said though many projects have been executed in Kunar but they are of poor quality.
The relevant departments should have taken best care of roads, which are now in dilapidated condition, he remarked.